TropeTrainer™ Support— known technical issues:

Due to changes in Windows we urge all users upgrade to the latest release of TropeTrainer™ software Version 6. (V6 is not supported on XP)This may mean purchasing an upgrade to Version 6 or if already running Version 6, downloading and installing a free update to our last version 6 release. Previous versions might appear to run, however, Hebrew texts will not be displayed properly (some missing letters), and various other features such as printing will also not work properly.

If TropeTrainer™ software has been working, and suddenly stops working or is now behaving in a strange way: In a great many cases, this type of problem can be resolved by closing TropeTrainer™ software and restarting your computer. Please try this before contacting us. Please do not try to uninstall and then reinstall the software -- more often than not, this either doesn't take care of the problem or makes the problem harder to fix.

For customer support, please contact, or call us at 305-293-8801 between the hours of 10:30am and 3pm Eastern.

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