Because our products are digital software, and are available as "try before you buy" downloads available for free download from our web site, our customers can test our products before buying them, so we typically do not offer returns, except as specified below.

In keeping with software industry standards, Kinnor Software, Inc. will gladly accept returns of packaged and downloaded software within 30 days of purchase under either of the following circumstances:

  • The software has not been activated. Not activated means that you have not contacted us for an activation code that enables our software to continue running on your computer beyond its two week trial period, and that we did not supply you with an activation code when we shipped your product or provided you download information. Please note that download orders are typically delivered with an activation code. It is up to you to download a trial version of our software to determine that it meets your needs prior to ordering. Trial versions of our software are available for free download from our web site You must contact Kinnor Software before returning product for return authorization. For returns, contact or call 305-293-8801.

  • A defect is found and our technical support staff cannot provide a fix or work-around within 30 days (exclusive of Jewish holidays). If a technical defect refund is offered, you will be asked to send a PDF or FAX of 1) a copy of your invoice, 2) a description of the problem you found in the software, 3) a signed statement that you have uninstalled the software from all computers that you or your agents installed the software on. Technical support is available by email from or by phone 305-293-8801. Please note that there are more than a thousand minor variations in TaNaCh text vowels and tropes, differences in line breaks between various Torah scrolls, differences in reading and prayer words and customs between different groups, and differences in melodies between different groups. It is not a defect if our software does not match your Chumash or Siddur, it does not include a melody that you use in your synagogue, or an instruction or prayer is not as you see it in your synagogue.

Except as explained above, we will typically not accept returns or provide refunds under these circumstances:

  • Any time after activation

  • Just because you made a 'mistake' when ordering

  • Just because you changed your mind after ordering

  • Because you purchased on the recommendation of someone not associated with Kinnor Software, Inc. without trying the trial software

Do not send physical product back to Kinnor Software without getting return authorization.

We will make a full refund less shipping and handling costs once we have received and processed the returned item, copy of invoice, description of the problem you found in the software, and statement of uninstallation (for activated software). All shipping, handling and delivery charges are non-refundable.

Products purchased from our distributors are subject to the return policies of the vendor from whom you purchased the software, and all returns of product purchased from other vendors must be handled by that vendor.

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