Perpetual Jewish Calendar

TropeTrainer(tm) software includes a "perpetual" calendar including every Shabbat and Jewish Holiday during which Torah is read. The calendar features adjustments for the difference between weekly Torah portions that are read in the Diaspora versus those read in Israel. Outside of Israel, Sukkot, Pesach and Shavuot are celebrated one day longer than they are inside Israel. When this extra day occurs on Shabbot, in Israel the regular weekly Torah portion is read, while the Holiday portion is chanted everywhere else. Several weeks after that Holiday, those outside of Israel read a double Torah portion, while those in Israel read a single portion. In this way, those in the Diaspora catch up to the portion read in Israel.

Bar Mitzvah Training

The "perpetual" Jewish Holiday calendar included in TropeTrainer(tm) software helps you find the right portion for your Bar Mitzvah. Simply click to the year and month of your birth, click on the date, and see your Hebrew calendar birthdate. (Note: if you were born after sunset, the Hebrew calendar birthdate will be the next day.)

Just click 13 years later (12 for Bat Mitzvah), move to the same Hebrew date, and you have the week of your Bar Mitzvah portion. The next day offering a Torah reading is the first proper date for your Bar Mitzvah.

Those born in Adar need to worry about an additional factor: in Jewish Calendar leap years, there are two months of Adar. Which Adar do you have your Bar Mitzvah? Here's a chart that answers this question:

  Bar Mitzvah year is
Leap year
Bar Mitzvah year is a
regular year
Born in a Leap
Year in Adar I
Bar Mitzvah in Adar I Bar Mitzvah in Adar
Born in a Leap
Year in Adar II
Bar Mitzvah in Adar II Bar Mitzvah in Adar
Born in a regular
year in Adar
Bar Mitzvah in Adar II Bar Mitzvah in Adar

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