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    Download TropeTrainer™ software version 6.0.428

    For Windows 7 SP2, Windows 8 and Windows 10. (Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported. The software will not install on them.)

    A screen resolution of 1024 width is required for operation of this software.

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    Follow the installer's on-screen instructions. When the installation is complete, start TropeTrainer software from Window's Start button: go to the All programs list and select the TropeTrainer(tm) software V6 entry.

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Release Notes:

Fixed and Newly Implemented:

TropeTrainer(tm) software Version 6 Release Notes


Release Notes: 

01-08-19: Version 6.0.428
- Fixed printing of STaM texts
- Fixed opening of Nitzavim, Vayeilech, Rosh Hashanah, Tzom Gedalia and Yom Kippur from Calendar
- Fixed iTunes exports on Mac computers
- Fixed detour melodies in Esther: Binder JTS with Jacobson detours

12-5-18: Version 6.0.427

- Fixed printing to some HP printers
- Fixed printing of aliyah tags in stacked text
- Fixed printing of stacked text where top of page didn't print
- Fixed Mikeitz and Vayeishev Haftarah on Chanukah

10-18-18: Version 6.0.426

- Fixed issue where activation did not get saved
- Increased Hebrew letter spacing in the Trope font for better legibility
- Fixed issue with order of windows opening when the software starts

8-22-18: Version 6.0.425

- Fixed issue where audio settings and other preferences disappeared sporadically after closing program.
- Shabbat readings on Chanukah Rosh Chodesh, e.g. Mikeitz 2018, now opens correct Shv'ii and Maftir
- Printing two columns now don't overlap with certain settings
- Expanded spacing between Hebrew letters in the STaM font

12-06-17: Version 6.0.423

- Fixed font problems on scaled displays: fonts in controls too large, reading text on screen and printouts wrong line breaks, STaM display wrong line breaks.
- Fixed printer problem on Windows where last line of some pages wrote over footer.
- Vayeitzei Haftarah for Sephardim now ends on correct verse.
- Ha'azinu Triennial Maftir now is properly displayed
- Pazer tutorial with Biblical words no longer crashes software
- Printing STaM text with color highlights: Highlights are now correct height
- Tutorials now only displayed in Trope font
- Screen Flickering in Windows is reduced
- Some operations such as loading a reading are 50% faster

9-11-17: Version 6.0.422
- Fixed Maftir not appearing in Yom Kippur Shabbat Shacharit Torah readings
- Added Reform and Conservative alternate Torah and Haftarah readings
- Fixed melody of Yetiv in Avery/Binder Torah trope systems

7-19-17: Version 6.0.421:

- Fixes Installation problem on Windows causing Export window to fail 

7-11-17: Version 6.0.420
- Haftarah for D'varim with Eichah melody now opens
- Pictures in Help System pages now properly displayed

6-25-17: Version 6.0.419:
- Voices, particularly Female and Child voices improved: ר,ל,ח, כ now pronounced more clearly.
- Changing melody while viewing Tutorial now works
- Missing images in tutorials now properly displayed on Mac computers.
- Tutorial spelling mistakes fixed.
- Weekday readings whose Shabbat reading is also Rosh Chodesh (e.g. Korach 2017) no longer incorrectly show a Maftir reading

6-7-2017: Version 6.0.418:
- Misalignment between Hebrew and English phrases in Mac release fixed.
- Program crashes when scrolling to the bottom of some readings with English Translation turned on fixed.
- Maftir reading on Shabbat HaGadol now displayed
- Aliyah labels in stacked Torah printouts now positioned properly.
- Turning off "Preserve Torah Line Breaks" now correctly allows setting of font size.
- Fixed Kamatz in Galician pronunciation:
. Kamatz Gadol is pronounced "U" when under a consonant in an open syllable. For this purpose, an open syllable ends with the vowel sound. If it is followed by a consonant with a full vowel, that consonant is considered as starting the next syllable. If the next consonant has a shva, chataf-patach, chataf-qamats or chataf-segol, it is considered as closing this syllable, thus forming a closed syllable.
. Kamatz Gadol in a closed syllable is pronounced "o".
. Kamatz Katan is always pronounced "o".
- Checkbox added to Printer dialog for those printing multiple copies of double-sided printouts so that 2nd and subsequent copies start on a fresh page of paper.

2-5-2017: Version 6.0.417
- Software no longer crashes when printing certain readings on Windows computers
- Display of Stacked text on Windows computers now works (was broken in .415)
- Moving “Next” at the end of Revia exercises now works on Windows computers
- Typo in Tevir exercise text corrected.

1-19-2017: 6.0.416:
- iTunes exports fixed on first-time installation of TropeTrainer(tm) software on Windows
- Pro installation fixed on Mac

12-21-2016: 6.0.415:
- Hoshana Rabbah Torah reading now shows properly, including Israel options
- Chol Hamoed Sukkot Israel Torah options now show properly
- TIkkun Mode printing: STaM column now properly aligned
- iTunes export no longer inserts an "S" sound after every word with a major disjunctive trope.

11-10-16: 6.0.414:
- Printing (and in some cases, display of) Stacked text: Tikkun mode, STaM column now properly aligned; lines ending in s'tumot and petichot no longer have odd gaps in words; lines ending in a peticha but with s'tumot earlier in the line no longer have a samech overwriting some letters.
- Open and Cancel buttons on Reading List dialog now displayed properly on Windows
- Opening Calendar from "Recent Readings" dialog and clicking "Open Reading" returns to correct Reading List dialog.
- Selection added to "What you see": "Don't autopopup this or audio windows".
- Hoshana Rabbah Torah reading no longer missing.

11-04-16: 6.0.413:

- Activation of Mac computers with spaces in Computer name now works
- Setting TropeGroup colors is now properly saved between sessions
- Command-P on Mac, Ctrl-P on PC now opens Print menu
- About menu item on Mac moved from Help to TropeTrainer menu
- EXO 34:11: the shva in the word M'tzav'cha now properly vocalized

10-22-16: 6.0.412: First V6 release

New Features:
- Tehillim (Psalms) using the Syrian system of tropes, with Tutorials implemented

- Less cluttered main window. Options organized under "What you see" and "What you hear". Hover mouse pointer over the respective buttons in the toolbar and a window pops up showing View or Audio options.

- New Open Reading window lets user select reading from chronological list of days (Shabbat and Holidays) where Torah or Megillot are read. This makes it easier to select the correct reading for a year.

- Reading options adjusted for year of the reading selected from the Reading List. For example, selecting R'eh from last Shabbat gives Shabbat Rosh Chodesh maftir, and options for Rosh Chodesh haftarah or the haftarah for R'eh with R"Ch/M"Ch additions, etc.

- Triennial year advances as user selects readings from different years from Open Reading list.

- Triennial year defaults to 3 for 5776. If you change the triennial year selection, your choice is retained, and readings from subsequent years are properly adjust.

- Triennial Maftir choice (end of triennial reading or end of annual reading) retained.

- New Highlight colors for trope groups. All trope groups get colors by default. Go to "What you see" and click the "Show details" button at the bottom of the View popup to adjust the colors.

- Texts can be "Stacked" with line breaks after major disjunctive trope phrases. Click on "What you see" button in the menu bar for all the View options.

- Translation and Hebrew text can be switched so that the English appears to the right of Hebrew text. Especially effective in "Stacked" mode.

- Click a STaM word to select it, and leave the mouse pointer hover over the word. A box pops up with the the word including vowels and tropes.

Known issues:
- Calendar function when choosing a Single Parsha not yet implemented


6-29-2016: 5.1.379/380:
- Removed dependency on Quicktime for exports
- Fixed wrapping problems in tutorials
- "Next Exercise" button in tutorials now appears where appropriate (rather than all the time)
- Fixed K'doshim haftarah for Ashkenazim when haftarah for Erev Rosh Chodesh is read for Acharei
- Fixed Maftir for Sh'lach Third triennial year

2-8-2016: 5.1.378:
- Fixed printing in sizes > 100% where words were squeezed in lines.
- Fixed STaM font issues in WIndows

11-25-2015: 5.1.377:
- Fixed export of blessings in OS X.

11-25-2015: 5.1.376:
- Fixed Shishi in Mikeitz and similar Shabbat Torah readings when three sifrei Torahs are opened.
- Fixes to prevent modification of settings during automatic updating
- Fixed export of blessings on PC

11-4-2015: 5.1.374:
- Fixed chanting in places like haftarat B'shalach JUD4:24 where a chaf with a shva na before a maqaf is pronounced rather than left silent.
- Fixed line break and word break where a hyphenated word spans a line break that also falls on a panel break (e.g LEV16:9). Clicking the word beginning the new line now also selects the word at the end of the previous line. Clicking the word at the end of the first line properly shows the tropes that are on the second line.
- Fixed Haftarot on Shabbat HaChodesh on Erev Rosh Chodesh or Rosh Chodesh that didn't show the extra Rosh Chodesh or Erev Rosh Chodesh verses
- Fixed Haftarah for Shabbat Rosh Chodesh when opened on a Shabbat that was also Erev Rosh Chodesh. The list showed options for only R"Ch, and another item for both R"Ch and E'R"Ch but both opened the same reading with the extra Erev Rosh Chodesh verses.

9-10-2015: 5.1.373:
- Fixed Rosowsky melody for Kohelet-Ruth-Shir haShirim for Tipcha as first word in a new chapter. Melody also now displays in G Major instead of E Minor.

9-3-2015: 5.1.372:
- Fixed Rosowsky melody for Kohelet-Ruth-Shir haShirim for mileil words with pashta.
- Moved vowels and tropes under vav, zayin, yud and nun to the left so they appear properly below the letter and don't hit vowels to their right.
- Fixed cholam over dalet and resh that was too far to the right and moved with setting of "Put vowels under stems of Dalet and Resh".

7-15-2015: 5.1.371:
- Reduced size of music score: restored to size of previous releases

7-1-2015: 5.1.370:
- Fixed problem in around 50 verses of Torah where tropes on the last letter of a word are not displayed. The chanting and descriptive text at the bottom of the window (e.g. "Zakef Katon") was corrrect. Everyone running release 5.1.369 should update their copy.
- Fixed problem where app would exit with NilObjectException when changing melody if area outside list is clicked while list is displayed.
- Fixed problem where TT Updater file could not be found during automatic update.

3-24-2015: 5.1.368,.369:
- Resolved hanging of installer at end of installation on Windows (.369)
- Resolved default setting of voice and instrument volumes not sticking (.369)
- Vowels under Dalet or Resh now default to left of stem. Setting now saved. (.369)
- Added Wolff/Portnoy Torah trope melody
- Vav with shva beginning words now pronounced correctly (sounded like lamed)
- Fixed issue with no voice sound on some OS X computers
- Fixed issue with improper display of Megillot options in Standard and Single editions

12-28-2014: 5.1.367:
- Font issues resolved for Mac install
- Added switch in Preferences to disable rule where the last note of the trope melody is sung on the accented syllable then repeated on the last syllable in cases where the trope melody's last two notes are rising in pitch, and the word is accented on its next-to-last syllable (mileil words).
- Changing melody with no reading open no longer crashes software
- Default buttons in forms on Yosemite no longer look like they are disabled -- e.g. white text on light grey background.

9-22-2014: 5.1.366:
- Added Sephardi-Yerushalmi melody
- Improved Ashkenazi pronunciations
- Auto-scroll only when bottom of text is below bottom of screen, rather than on last line.
- Auto-scroll speed much faster
- Correct Haftarah for 7th day of Pesach in Israel now displayed
- Added "Joel" option for Vayeitzei Haftarah
- Fixed Haftarah options for Pesach Shabbat Chol HaMoed so description matches text
- Final nun now shows properly in various lines of tutorials
- Text in Tevir tutorial repaired
- Israeli Independance Day now on correct calendar day (Tuesday) when 5 Iyyar falls on Monday.

3-10-2014: 5.1.365:
- Added Blessings after Haftarah reading for all the Holidays
- Added English translations for all the blessings
- Increased (in some cases, doubled) speed of opening a reading
- Attempting an iTunes export without QuickTime installed alerts user and no longer crashes the software.
- Corrects highlighting at the end of playing a complete reading
- Corrects highlight disappearing on Mac when reading opens or settings changed
- Corrects freezing of Hebrew display when opening some tutorials after listening to a reading
- Changing speed,pitch,melody or resizing windows no longer causes grey cursor in text to disappear
- Opening a custom reading after opening a Tutorial now properly displays only the reading window; tutorial controls are properly no longer seen.
- Added slower scroll when chanting reaches end of a screen and text scrolls up
- Fixed errors in Binder and Shliefer melodies for Blessings after Haftarah reading
- Fixed several issues with highlighting and playing accompaniment
- Starting TropeTrainer software with a local net connection but no internet connection no longer crashes the software.
- Fixed Single Parsha Haftarah limits for Sh'mot, B'chukotai, Balak and R'eh.
- Added a sixth reading element for custom readings
- Extra maqafs between munach and zakef-katon removed from Megillah Kadma charts.
- End-of-chapter melodies now properly shown in Megillah Kadma and Comprehensive trope charts.

4-8-2013: 5.0.360:
- Common Trope Melodies tutorial now plays through to completion with melody at all speeds.

3-22-2013, 4-4-2013: 5.0.359
- Spurious behavior in exercises and start of readings resolved:
> NilObjectException when clicking "Next Exercise"
> Exercises sometimes won't play unless first word is clicked
> Sometimes only the first word of readings are chanted instead of whole reading
- Font installation problems on OSX resolved for admin and non-admin users
- Removed spurious RichText code in tutorials for better OS X compatibility

2-11-2013: 358:
- Page selection in Print dialog for printing music score now works
- Adjusted Recording timings

357: (internal release)
- Torah and Haftarah systems from Cantor Thom King added
- Changing display mode: Trope/STaM/Tikkun, or clicking Enable/Disable display of translation when no reading is open no longer crashes software.
- Repeat play with instrumental accompaniment: now properly highlights first syllable and plays first note on 2nd and subsequent plays
- Menu customization disabled
- Pro features added

12-3-2012: 5.0.356:
- Improved grey cursor movement
- Improved synchronization between instrument accompaniment and voice
- [PC only]: Fixed missing words and instructions in Blessing before Torah Reading
- [Mac only:]: Cursor now moves when chanting. Midi instrument accompaniment now works.
- Fixes problems with Jacobson Torah trope system

11-6-2012: 5.0.355:
- Fixed spurious characters in STaM display

11-4-2012: 5.0.354:
- Hebrew text in tutorials now displays correctly under Windows 8
- Silluq (accent before Sof Pasuk) correctly shows as fatter meteg, gets orange color when trope colors are enabled.

- PgUp and PgDown keys move up and down Hebrew and Music panes (and don't change cursor position--so to start at new location, click on the word you want chanting to start at.)
- Software saves and restores settings for displaying translation, coloring trope groups, coloring tropes and displaying underlines.
- Cleaned up numerous errors in English translation
- Cleaned up Hebrew fonts
- Software no longer fails when click arrow keys when a tutorial with no Hebrew pane is displayed.

- Windows 8 Hebrew text issues resolved
- Spacebar alternately starts and stops chanting

- Lameds with a dagesh now properly pronounced
- Improved Qamats in Ashkenazi pronunciation
- February calendar in leap years now shows 29th day of the month.
- Rosowsky Haftarah: Munach before Geresh and Gershayim now d-g.

07-13-12: 5.0.350:
- Fixed installation issue (only in .349): when updating an installation that had custom readings defined, installer no longer removes custom readings.

07-6-12: 5.0.349:
- Fixed Binder-related trope melodies: A "b" in the first half of "Journeys" verses on words with an Etnachta is now properly shown with a "b-flat".

07-5-12: 5.0.348:
- iTunes exports on PCs now uses more reliable means of detecting end of iTunes import conversion, preventing OLEExceptionErrors. (Mac uses a different technology for this, and doesn't need this fix.)

05-02-12: 5.0.347a
- Melody descriptions button (labeled: "?") now works
- Software no longer sporadically fails when opening tutorials
- Added Print font size control in Print window. (Sizes greater than 1x normal causes Torah formatting --normal Torah line breaks--to be ignored.)
- Font size settings now saved from Preferences window
- Added "Preserve Torah text line formatting" switch. Uncheck this to change display font size of Torah and Megillah texts (while ignoring preformatted line breaks).

03-06-12: 5.0.346
- Fixed random product failure when chanting readings
- Now clearing temporary export files to make iTunes exports more reliable
- Disabled Custom Readings during Single Parsha selection (Custom Readings can only be created after Single Parsha reading has been selected.)

02-27-12: 5.0.345:
- Extra speed bar added between bars 3 and 4 to provide finer control.
- Vertical splitter now works in tutorials, allowing Hebrew texts to be expanded
- Exodus 37 verse 17 the word Menorah is now properly translated
- ISA9:5-6 (Hafarah for Yitro) the translation of these verses now lines up properly with the Hebrew text
- Software no longer triggers false reports with several Windows anti-virus products
- Software is now digitally signed for a smoother installation experience

12-5-11: 344:
- iTunes export window now opens properly on Windows computers

11-30-11: 343:
- Fixed auto-update download problem on Mac computers
- Fixed syllable division of words with aleph followed by shuruq, e.g. Heet-a-vu in B'ha'alotcha Num11:4
- Changing trope melody systems now properly causes tutorials to reload showing trope names appropriate for the newly selected system.
- Fixed syllable spacing for the word Echad in Sh'ma.
- Open Haftarah and Megillah first tutorial now opens proper page

10-11-11: 342:
- Added Jacobson and Schwartz High Holiday trope melodies
- Fixed Eliot Vogel's haftarah melody
- Words like: Ul'-la-meid: shva under the first of two identical letters is Na. Takes precedence of Shva in second letter right after shuruk is Nach.

09-07-11: 341:
- Added Eliot Vogel's melody for haftarah
- Added URJ melody for blessing after Haftarah
- Fixed Binder blessing after Haftarah to properly confirm to Binder's score
- Fixed improper indication of accented syllables in blessings
- Fixed Yetiv in Binder Mod 2
- Enlarged Hebrew lyrics in score
- Highlight Hebrew accented syllable in score
- Now properly shows natural symbol when earlier same note in score has a chromatic symbol.
- Munach Legarmeh now properly shows Pesik and Munach in bold, with proper color
- Program no longer produces OutOfBoundsException when up-arrow is pressed when cursor is on first word of the second line of text
- Navigator now properly opens Haftarah "Tips" and "Common Trope Phrases".
- Fixed blessings before and after Megillat Esther: two missing words and wrong notes
- Improved Ashkenazi pronunciation of qamats
- Improved note head location in music printouts
- Fixed disappearing drop-down melody and voice menus when Underline or Trope/STaM/Tikun font modes are clicked

07-07-11: 340:
- Added Shabbat afternoon Torah readings to each week including Single Parsha
- Added Haftarah option for Vayishlach: Hos11:7-12:12
- Changed toolbar caption "Settings" to "Preferences" to match title of window and button caption in Navigator
- Fixed caption for Pitch control (was "Voice")
- Added button to hide music score to main window toolbar
- Added feature (set in Preferences) to display score lyrics in Hebrew letters instead of transliteration
- Adjusted text size display in Open Reading window
- Adjusted caption and combo box text size in Main window on Mac
- Added feature to export custom readings to users of Single Parsha, Standard and Deluxe editions
- After pressing Enter to start chanting, Stop button now becomes enabled
- Displays "Mayela" and "Metiga" in Jacobson trope system in tutorials

03-7-11: 339:
- Fixed mispronunciation of closed words with maqaf followed by alef-shuruk
- Added "new feature" alert for automatic updater showing what has changed

03-3-11: 338::
- Fixed spacing problem between syllables in STaM text in words followed by a paseik
- Fixed installation issue on computers with TefillahTrainer(tm) software that was uninstalled

02-18-11: 337:
- Spacing between syllables now more even
- Segol and zarka now properly positioned to left of words
- Custom reading verse list for End Chapter now works properly
- Words with Aleph shuruk e.g. Eze43:26 Umil_u now pronounced properly
- Better positioning of paseik between words, not immediately following words:
- User can now click on STaM text in left column of Tikkun mode to select word
- Added Reading Title to top of on-screen display
- Fixed horizontal Torah column break line location in printouts (was too high)
- Fixed NilObjectException software failure when opening readings after opening tutorials and vice-versa, or opening tutorial without first closing Open Reading window or opening reading without first closing Open Tutorial window.
- Added Spiro/Weber haftarah system
- Words an open syllable ending with aleph followed by shuruk now pronounced properly (e.g. T'tazaveh Haftarah EZE:42:26 "U-mi-loo")

01-06-11: 336:
- Arrow keys now move from word to word rather than syllable to syllable.
- Added up- and dn-arrow key response
- Added shift-arrow keys to select regions
- Function keys to start and stop playing now work on Mac (you must hold down the Fn key for this to work.)
- After opening a reading, the keyboard arrow keys are responded to without first having to click the Hebrew Text panel.
- Fixed sporadic failure to respond to click on a word
- Half sharps and flat accidentals are now displayed and notes are chanted at the correct pitch
- Added controls to remove selected recently opened items from Navigation window
- Simplified and clarified activation windows
- Fixed Cancel on Single Parsha reading selection window so it quits app instead of soliciting for reading repeatedly.
- The end of each 42 line column for many modern Torah scrolls is now shown with a thin horizontal line.
- Darkened the gray unaccented doubled tropes, e.g. pashta, segol so they are more visible and print better.
- Fixed Simchat Torah custom readings for Single Parsha edition

10-12-10: 335:
- All Ashkenazi Torah trope systems now one note lower in pitch so that the musical notation is in F-major rather than G-flat major. Much fewer accidentals (sharps and flats) are now shown in the musical score.
- Added Josh Jacobson's, Neil Schwartz's and the Yerushalmi Torah trope systems.
- In Mayela-Silluq combinations, the last note of the Silluq is now chanted.

(Rest of "Fixed and Newly Implemented" appear below bug lists)

Known Issues:
-The J. Jacobson trope system uses the name Mayela for a Tipcha on one word with a Silluq or Etnachta; and Metigah for a Kadma on one word with a Zakef-Katon. These names do not yet appear in the final Torah tutorial: Common Trope Combinations--they appear as Kadma-Zakef-Katon and Tipcha-Silluq.
- Some lines opened as custom readings wrap incorrectly: e.g. Deu:30:10-11, Hee is left justified and previous line has space at its left end.
- Beshalach 16:33 Kach letters are too tight together.
- Changing melodies while chanting causes chanting to stop after chanting the first word of the reading
- Slurs on multi-note syllables aren't displayed correctly when a slur goes from one staff to the next

Not yet implemented:
- Print Preview

Older "Fixed and Newly Implemented"
10-8-10:334 (Internal release)
- iTunes export trial count now set to correct value for new installations. Trial count for older versions reset to 3.
- Activation window redesigned for improved ease of use.

9-2-10: 333:
- Fixed numerous syllable spacing issues on Mac and PC both on screen and when printing.
- Fixed display and printing of smaller text in B'shalach
- Help system updated to include iTunes exports

8-17-10: 332:
- Greater flexibility added for slower chanting speeds
- Default settings for Pitch, Speed and Voice properly set for first-time use of app
- Proper saving of Eichah melody for the haftarah for D'varim
- No longer hides some controls on 1024 pixel wide screens

8-16-10: 331:
- iTunes exports for personal use are part of this release.
- Resolved several issues regarding activating software
- Exception error no longer produced for windows 1024 pixels wide and narrower

(330: internal release)

8-1-10: 329:
- "Repeat" functionality now works properly for single words
- Open Reading window now shorter for better compatibility with netbook computers
- Mac Drag icon on lower right implemented in main forms

(328: internal release)

7-6-10: 327:
- Fixed Mikeitz on Shabbat Chanukah and Rosh Chodesh showing proper Shvi'i reading
- Fixed Ha'azinu on Shabbat
- Fixed tutorial double-listing of items
- Fixed missing musical score for readings when "Trope symbol exercises" were last displayed
- Resolved Webroot false positive during installation

6-22-10: 326:
- Fixed dragging and maximizing issues in Windows and Mac

6-6-10: 325:
- When a hyphenated word appears at the end of the line, the correct trope melody is now used. Also: highlighting of these hyphenated words now behaves correctly.
- Software now sized properly for short screens
- F2, F3, F4, F5, Enter, Double-click-on-word implemented to control chanting from the keyboard and mouse
- Verse number no longer disappears when first word is highlighted and color groups are highlighted.
- Ctrl-C on Win, Command-C on Mac can now be used to copy Aliyah list to clipboard.
- Shuruk after a maqaf (e.g. uvincha-Uvitecha) is now pronounced and syllabicated properly.
- Shuruk after an aleph after a consonant with no other vowel now syllabicated and pronounced properly.
- Some notes were not displayed in the score. This has been corrected.
- Revia highlight custom color now saved and restored.

5-31-10: 324:
- Highlight colors can now be printed.
- Highlight Colors can now be customized.
- Megillot re-enabled for Deluxe edition owners
- No longer spuriously displays Preferences or Navigator window after changing melody.
- Play rest of trope group highlights words to be played, and when done playing, returns cursor to word that play started at.
- Playing to end of verse Num:10:36 (with backward Nun) no longer causes error
- End of Chapter tutorials for the various Megillot now use the correct melody
- First word in Deu:32:6, Hei is properly spaced, word now has proper syllable boundaries

5-17-10: 323:
- Margins and Landscape printing of Hebrew implemented
- Margins around left-panel tutorial text box implemented
- Aliyah markers in Tikkun mode printouts were too far left and overlapping text. This has been resolved.
- The last STaM line of Tikkun texts printed too far to the right. This has been resolved.
- Texts printed on OS X no longer go beyond the right margin of each page.
- English instructions in texts no longer overlap Hebrew and translation text
- Minimize and Maximize now work on OS X
- Resizing behavior improved
- STaM text with Kri words is now justified properly
- Some Haftarah texts (e.g. Mattot+Masei Haftarah v28) had lines that extended past the left margin, overlapping the English. This has been resolved.

5-13-10: 322:
- Single Parsha implemented

5-9-10: 321:Windows only
- Fixed disappearing Pitch control introduced in v320 for Windows only.

5-2-10: 320: First Product Release

4-30-10: 319:
- Change any parameter and highlighted word now gets properly re-highlighted
- First right-column line in Tikkun-mode displays after book name is now justified correctly without huge space pushing text into left column.
- STaM texts no longer show extra space at end of line for maqafs (hyphens)

4-29-10: 318:
- The Help system has been implemented
- Numerous issues with shvas and qamatses have been resolved.
- The Preferences window now only shows features that are appropriate for TropeTrainer software.

4-26-10: 317:
- Repeat is implemented. To select areas of text: click anywhere in the first word; hold down the shift key and click anywhere in the last word. Click Repeat Play to repeatedly play the selected text.
- Colored TropeGroup highlights now appear in printed texts
- In a hyphenated word where the second part of the word has a k'tiv and kri, e.g. Lam2:13) Ma-(e'ivdeich) a'iydeich; which additionally has a trope on the k'tiv: the trope is now properly sung only on the accented syllable.
- Provided finer increments in speed control.
- Chatan B'reisheet Bara and Chatan Torah are now marked in Simchat Torah reading
- Melody help is now implemented. Click the ? next to the Trope Melodies pull-down list to see a description of each trope melody selection.

4-20-10: 316:
- Book names now displayed before every reading.
- Phrases employing special (detour) melodies now work, are properly underlined, and are identified at the bottom of the window.
- Reading instructions are now displayed
- Opening a reading with English translation disabled no longer causes NullObjectError failure.
- Tutorials: Blessing before Megillat Esther now chanted in correct melody
- Open reading from menu now works after, at start of session, open tutorial from navigator.
- On words with dots, e.g. Vayishlach 33:4; are now chanted and selectable.
- Tropes on first parts of hyphenated words are now being displayed. e.g first word in Shvii: Lev 11:33
- Hyphenated words at end of line are now highlighted through end of the word starting the next line
- Torah tutorial: Zeh in Two Lord tropes on one word tutorial is now pronounced.
- Haftarot opened with STaM display are now correctly wrapped
- After opening exercise from Open Tutorial then open a reading from the Navigator: the software no longer exists with a NilObjectException
- 0(0) is now suppressed in tutorials
-Eichah: 3:18 last word: mem is now properly chanted, not croaked
- Torah tutorial. "Words Accented on their Next-to last Syllable" page. First syllable of of "layla" now plays.
- Extra rests between words in blessings after readings removed.
- Canceling Open Tutorial no longer causes software exit
-Navigating Prev/Next in Tutorial opened from Navigator at beginning of session no longer causes software exit
- Words with two upbeat notes no longer improperly repeat the first consonant of the upbeat syllable
- After opening tutorial then open a reading from the Navigator. The English translation is now properly displayed

4-11-10: 315:
- Lite version supported
- Switching from tutorial to reading using the Navigator: English translation is now displayed
3-25-10: 314:
- Tutorials implemented (some tutorial formatting issues remain)
- Double-click on Hebrew word chants word
- Clicking on k'tiv words (red letters) doesn't jump to first word of reading
- Hyphenated mileil words with double tropes (e.g. chelev-hakesev in Vayikra 4:35) are now correctly pronounced.

- Fixed printer formatting of Hebrew on the Mac
- Fixed printer location of Footer text in Music printing on the Mac

3-11-10: 312:
- Custom readings for Haftarah now works
- Changing melody while cursor is near very end of file no longer causes NilObject error

3-10-10: 311:
- Navigator window implemented
- Cursor on Mac more responsive
- Manage Sections (Jump to Aliyah) implemented
- Software closes faster

3-9-10: v310:
- Hebrew Calendar implemented and connected to Open Reading dialog

3-1-10: v309:
- Chukkat Triennial readings now open
- Chukkat Triennial year 2 now properly shows "2" instead of "1"
- Toolbar Play buttons don't flicker
- Changing speed/volume while software is chanting no longer causes disabling of Stop button
- Haazinu haftarah now opens
- Megillat Esther now opens (Deluxe versions only)
- Changing pitch while chanting: no longer starts chanting at word 0 on PC
- Easier to activate the Maximize/Minimize/Close buttons in the titlebar
- First and last verses of non-contiguous-verse texts formating fixed (e.g. Sheni for Rosh Chodesh is properly left justified)
- Readings whose first verse begin in the middle of a line are properly left-justified. (e.g. if there is only one word on the first line of a reading it is now properly left-justified.)
- Megillat Esther: words in ch 9:7 are now properly spaced

2-21-10: v308:
- Printing Hebrew texts now works
- Chapter/Verse numbers appear in translation text

2-15-2010: v307:
- Command-Q now quits application under OSX
- Cursor now follows chanting under OSX. Cursor on Hebrew words highlights whole word, no longer individual syllables.
- In bricked Torah text (e.g. Beshalach Shirat Hayam): verse numbers are properly positioned.

2-8-10: v306
- Play buttons are dimmed during play; Stop button is enabled during play, and vice versa.
- Software closes more rapidly after clicking the [x] to close the program
- Chanting no longer becomes one-note after chanting long sections of text.
- End of aliyah now shows with proper dark blue highlighting
- End of Torah Book and End of Megillah Chapter now shows with proper grey highlighting
- End of Torah Book now chanted with proper melody
- Extra chiriq no longer displayed in the word Yerushalayim in cases where Yerushalayim is spelled without a yud before the mem (e.g. Eichah 1:7)
- Mapach,pashta before a gershayim are no longer highlighted black. (e.g.: Haftarah for Chayei Sara: 1:13)
- Custom readings no longer produce NilObjectException when chanted

12-13-09: v305
- Fixed expiration date issues

11-11-09: v.304
- Custom readings implemented
- Clicking a play button when no reading is displayed no longer crashes app
- Changing accent when no reading is displayed no longer crashes app
- Gray Cursor no longer has long delays when playing readings

11-08-09: v.302-303
-Cursor shows "wait" cursor after changing voice, pitch, pronunciation or melody
-Changing accent now takes effect immediately, rather than when software is restarted (still slower than we'd like)
-Fifth column of Open Reading dialog now properly shows "Devarim/Deuteronomy"
-Line break with panel break after a p'tucha no longer produces a spurious Peh as in Ki Tavo 28:69

-Display of Book/chapter/verse and trope name
-Play word
-Play to end of Aliyah
-Play to end of Verse
-Play until end of trope group
-Triennial cycle selection is now stored
-Trope group colors
-Trope colors
-Graying of secondary of doubled tropes
-Color and size display to show K'ri and K'tiv texts
-Play word on hyphenated word that breaks across a line boundary: no longer stops at the hyphen (second half of word is now chanted).
-Taskbar on Windows no longer shows TefillahTrainer(tm) when software first opened
-Fixed: Some Readings end with the last word chanted two or more times

-Kri is properly displayed and chanted
-K'tiv is properly displayed and not chanted
-Taskbar on Windows shows TefillahTrainer(tm) when software first opened
-Cursor now continues to move after the 4095th note
-End of Aliyah/End of Haftarah is now detected, and proper melody is used.
-When the software is first started and a reading opened, focus is on the Hebrew window's text rather than the scrollbar of the music score.
-"Open" buttons in Open Reading window now disabled when no reading selected


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