User Comments

"A most innovative and ingenious idea, I commend you for your years of research and hard work in presenting this project to the public. The material is presented in a well organized manner and the text is clear."
-Cantor Bernard Beer, Belz School of Jewish Music, Yeshiva University

"I can see this as a major teaching aide for all Jewish teaching institutions -- to give everyone a basis in the trope and kria. Every school should definitely buy it. I can see this as the standard for every baal kria and every cantor.
-Rabbi Tzvi Tzucker, Jerusalem

"This is an invaluable tool for the student and teacher. It is a phenomenal innovation in teaching trope. Interactive trope training - what more could you want?"
-Dr. John Kreinces, Bar Mitzvah teacher

"Working on a computer instead of reading from a book makes training for your Bar Mitzvah fun and easier."
-Dakota Miller, Bar Mitzvah student

"A gevaldike learning tool that should save the teacher's time and simplify the work of teaching leyning."
Rabbi Y. Zucker, Chabad of Key West

"I think it is so totally cool....(my son says it will change the lives of all bar mitzvah boys)"
-Jody Brandman, Canada

"It is a magnificent program, well designed and thoughtful... It sounds like a paid advertisement but 'the whole family uses it' to study Torah portions in preparation for laining."
-Rabbi E. Abrahamson

"It is easy to use and fun to use."
-Jacob Katz, adult bar mitzvah student

"Its great, kids love it, and I will need to order more in the future."
-Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman, Youth Coordinator Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta

"Thanks for making my life so much easier with your great software..."
-Cantor Seth Warner

"I have borrowed a copy from my Cantor and love it enough to want my own..."
-D. Subenfield

"The program is great. I've been using it for learning and recommending it to students."
-Michael Cohen

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