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Viewing and Hearing Blessings

TropeTrainer Mobile includes the blessings recited before and after Shabbat Torah and Haftarah readings and Megillot.

To view and listen to a blessing chanted, tap "Open blessing" from the Home view. A list of blessings is displayed.

Tap the list entry for the blessing you want to view and hear. The Display Reading view opens, showing the selected blessing.

Double-tap a word to hear that word chanted.

Tap a word to select where you want chanting to start, then tap "Play to end" to play the rest of the blessing.

While TropeTrainer Mobile is chanting, the grey cursor will move from word to word, highlighting the word currently being chanted. The Play and options buttons are disabled, and a Stop button is displayed near the right end of the button bar:

To stop chanting, tap the Stop button.

To adjust display settings, tap the "Display options" button.

To adjust melody, pitch, voice, speed or pronunciation, tap the "Audio options" button.

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