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Using the Hebrew Calendar

To view the Hebrew Calendar, tap the button in the Reading List view. A Hebrew calendar for the month of the currently selected reading in the reading list is displayed:

Civil dates are shown in large blue numbers. The Hebrew date is shown in smaller black characters. Torah Readings and holidays are shown in magenta.

Some Holiday and Shabbat Torah readings read in Israel may be different than those read outside of Israel. This is because in Israel, only one day is observed at the beginning and end of Pesach and Sukkot. When the second day falls on Shabbat, in Israel the regular Shabbat reading is read, whereas elsewhere, the Holiday reading is read. In most cases, the Reform movement observes only one day of these Holidays, and therefore most often follows the same calendar as used in Israel.

To set your location if you live in Israel (or follow the Israeli customs regarding one day holidays): tap the "Israel" radio button at the top of the calendar. This setting is saved—once you set it, you do not need to reset it unless you uninstall the app. This setting can also be set from the Settings window. (Instructions for using the Settings window)

To select a date in the calendar, tap its box. Tap the button to return to the Reading List view. The Reading List will display the selected date.

To move to the next month, swipe-left the calendar.

To move to the previous month, swipe-right the calendar.

To move to the next year, swipe-down the calendar.

To move to the previous year, swipe-up the calendar.

To jump to the current date, tap the button.

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