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TropeTrainer™ Mobile Help

Getting Started

TropeTrainer™ Mobile brings the best of Kinnor Software's critically acclaimed desktop TropeTrainer™ software to your mobile iOS devices.

The ability to chant all of these Hebrew texts is built in to TropeTrainer Mobile.

The Home screen gives you access to TropeTrainer Mobile's features:

You can start using TropeTrainer Mobile with its default settings, or tap the Settings button and configure the app the way you like it.

Click the Help button found on most views and windows for instructions on using the screen you are viewing.

Click the links below to jump to additional help topics:

(Instructions for Selecting a Reading)

(Instructions for Using the Hebrew Calendar)

(Instructions for Viewing a Reading)

(Instructions for Buying Reading Audio )

(Instructions for Listening to a Reading)

(Instructions for Adjusting Settings)

(Instructions for Viewing and Listening to a Blessing)

(Instructions for Creating Custom Readings)


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