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Buying Reading Audio (In-app purchases)

TropeTrainer Mobile comes with reading audio for the blessings before and after Torah, Haftarah and Megillah readings. Reading audio can be purchased for one or more readings, and allows you to hear your reading chanted in your choice of melody, pitch, speed, accent and voice. TropeTrainer Mobile can offer this incredible flexibility because it doesn't use a human voice. The chanting is synthesized using the finest speech synthesizer available, carefully tuned for chanting Hebrew.

Readings for which you have purchased audio are shown in the Reading List with a loudspeaker icon . Opening a reading for which you have not yet purchased audio displays the audio controls as disabled, with a Buy audio button near the bottom right:

In-app purchasing

To buy audio for a reading, iTunes & App Stores in-app purchases must be enabled in your device, and you must have an internet connection either by Wi-Fi or through your cellular provider. Airplane Mode must be OFF.

To buy audio for a reading, open the reading, then tap the button. A Buy Reading Audio window will be displayed:

From this window, you have six choices:

  1. Buy audio for all Torah, Haftarah and Megillah readings
  2. Buy audio for all Torah and Haftarah readings
  3. Buy audio for all Megillah readings
  4. Restore purchased audio (purchased on other devices under your App Store ID, or purchased for this device but you deleted and reinstalled TropeTrainer)
  5. Buy audio only for the currently open reading
  6. Cancel and don't purchase reading audio

Note: Reading audio for Torah portions typically include the Weekday, Complete and Triennial Cycle Torah portions, any Haftarah readings traditionally read with that Torah portion, and the next week's Torah reading as traditionally read on Shabbat afternoon. The example above shows Audio for D'varim Torah and Haftarah readings plus the Shabbat afternoon reading of Va'etchanan. Reading audio for Holidays includes all Torah and Haftarah readings customarily read during that Holiday, including Shabbat morning or Afternoon readings that might be read during that Holiday.

To buy a selected audio package, tap the Buy button next to the description of the package you want to buy, for example: or .

A confirmation box is displayed, showing the name of the reading you have selected and its price:

Click "Buy" to continue the purchase process.

An entry box is displayed asking for your Apple ID password. Enter your password and click "OK". After a short while an alert will be displayed confirming your purchase. Tap "OK". Your selected reading will be displayed, with the audio controls enabled:

(Instructions for Listening to Reading Audio)

Note: If you have already purchased a reading, and you tap Buy on another device associated with your Apple ID, you will see an alert telling you of this, and that the purchase is free.

Buying Audio for Custom Readings

Most verses in Torah an Haftarah readings are unique to one particular Shabbat reading. Others are read on more than one Shabbat or Holiday. If you select verses that are read on more than one occasion and then tap to Buy its reading audio, you will be given a choice of all Shabbatot and Holidays when those verses might be read. For example, if you create a custom reading of Genesis 1:1-1:3, you will be asked to select from B'reisheet, Rosh Hashanah and Sh'mini Atzeret/Simchat Torah audio:


Tap the selection that best matches the Shabbat or Holiday that you had in mind when you created the Custom Reading.

(Instructions for Listening to Reading Audio)

Restoring Reading Audio

To restore Reading Audio that you have previously purchased, tap . Follow the on-screen instructions. If the App Store indicates that you have previously purchased reading audio, those readings' audio will be enabled.

Note: Restoring previously purchased audio is free.

(Instructions for Listening to Reading Audio)

Cancelling a Purchase

To cancel purchasing before you have tapped a Buy button, tap at the top-left of the Buy window.

To cancel purchasing after you have tapped a Buy button, tap Cancel in the confirmation box:


(Instructions for Listening to Reading Audio)

Troubleshooting In-app Purchasing

If you receive error messages during in-app purchasing, check and fix the following:

If you receive an alert that In-app Purchases are not enabled on your device, turn off that restriction.

To enable in-app purchases, open the Settings app. Scroll down to "General" and tap it. In the General list, scroll down to "Restrictions", and tap it. If Restrictions have been enabled, you will need to enter your Restrictions Passcode to enter this part of settings. In the Restrictions list scroll down to Allowed Content: In-App Purchases, and set its slider to ON.

If you receive an alert that you do not have a connection to the internet, make sure in the Settings app that Airplane Mode is OFF. If you are connecting to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection, make sure that the Settings app Wi-Fi setting is showing connection to a Wi-Fi site. Open Safari and check that you can reach a web site.

If you are connecting to the internet using a cellular connection, make sure that Cellular Data is enabled. To verify or enable Cellular Data, from the Settings app main list select "General". Scroll down the General list to "Cellular", and tap its entry. Make sure "Cellular Data" is set to ON. As with any other internet connection, if you cellular connection is weak (only one bar), making In-App purchases may take more than the normal time, or may time out. Position your device to get more bars, and try again; or connect to a Wi-Fi network and try again.

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