To Our Valued Community:

We hope your Holiday Season has been full of healing and enewal. At Kinnor Software, for the past 18 years, we have hoped to be a partner with you in all of your Torah learning needs.

In the past few months we have had major changes, as we have had to absorb the passing of our founder and programmer, Thomas Buchler. Even as we healed, we have worked hard to find answers to the many questions presented by Tom’s loss, namely what is the future of Kinnor and TropeTrainer.

As this was the dream and work of one man, supported by those who also dreamed with him for nearly two decades, much of what he left behind must be unravelled to understand the genius that was his mind, and in doing so, set the stage for a bright future.

Until we are able to establish such a stage, we unfortunately must place further sales of Kinnor’s products on hold. Those who currently hold Kinnor products will still be able to use them, however only as a legacy product and with very limited support.

We know this will cause sadness and inconvenience for many, and as Tom’s partner and friend, I have grieved to take this drastic step. But until we can provide the level of service and product that Kinnor is known for, it is better that we not continue in such a way that mars Tom’s contribution to the world of Torah Learning.

Thank you for you understanding and patience as we hope too return in service very soon,

May Torah be our Lives,

Zakai ben-Chaim and the entire Kinnor Family


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